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Support Services Survey for Cancer Patients

At Carroll Hospital Center, we want to be sure we provide every patient with the very best care possible. We continually assess the needs and expectations of our community and strive to exceed them. As a member of our community, your suggestions and opinions are very important to us. Please take a few moments to complete this survey.
What type of cancer educational programs and/or support services would be helpful to you during your cancer journey?

If other, please describe:
Would you be interested in receiving support and/or education through social media such as Facebook, webinars, blogs, etc.?

Have you attended any of the cancer support groups at Carroll Hospital Center?

What support services for caregivers of cancer patients do you feel would be helpful?

If other, please describe:
What support services would you like to see offered for survivors?

If other, please describe:
Did you have a surgery related to your cancer at Carroll Hospital Center?

Did you have cancer treatment by a physician in Carroll County?

Have you utilized the resource navigation services at The Women's Place?

Have you utilized the clinical navigation services at Carroll Regional Cancer Center?

Carroll Hospital Center is opening a new, state-of-the-art cancer center in Fall 2014. What are your recommendations for the new center?