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Philanthropy is as unique as the individuals who are inspired by it. We reached out to our donors to see how Carroll Hospital Center or Carroll Hospice touched their lives and what motivated them to make a gift to the Campaign to Cure & Comfort, Always. We were overwhelmed by the responses we received. As you read through the stories below, please consider adding your voice to those who have already shared why they believe Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice are great places to work, to practice medicine and to receive care.

“We support the campaign because we want hometown care. We also believe in hospice’s philosophy and good work. Staying near home to receive any type of care means friends and family can be supportive, which helps decrease stress. Hometown giving equals hometown care.” —Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hylan

“As a hospice volunteer, I see the devastating effects cancer has on our patients and their families. This applies to all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I want our cancer center to be a beacon that will lead our patients in coping with these difficulties." —Sandy Welcher

"It’s such a great community that we live in. We are grateful for the legacy of volunteering and giving and building better community support institutions that previous generations have left us with. This compels us to help continue that legacy by making the already great things in our community even better if we can. We feel blessed to be able to help in whatever ways we can with whatever gifts we have. We are delighted to be a small part of a large community of givers and volunteers." —Jack and Beth Tevis

“A good hospital is only possible with a supportive community. We are fortunate to have both. The gift that we have made to Carroll Hospital Center is an investment in our community and we have already received returns on it. We look forward to the comfort and security the ever-improving hospitable center provides our friends, neighbors and family." —Robert and Carolyn Scott

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2012. My doctors, their staff and the wonderful staff here at Carroll Hospital Center and at the cancer center are outstanding in what they do. Their positive attitude helped me find mine and keep it through my entire treatment. You never expect to hear those three words—you have cancer— and you are certainly never prepared. I am so thankful we have access to such wonderful health care in our community." —Angie Mahanna, Carroll Hospital Center employee

"My husband, Dr. Surendra Morjaria, started his career with this hospital. This land gave him his good opportunity and his good name. Unfortunately, he passed away in November 2011 and didn’t get a chance to give back to the community. So I decided that I can help this great project in some way in memory of my husband. I am glad that I am a part of this project, too." —Bharati Morjaria

"I don’t know who thought of Cure & Comfort, Always, but it’s a great and true saying from my experience. I’ve only been an inpatient once, for a knee replacement, but my time at Carroll Hospital Center was one of competent care and extreme caring! My husband was in hospice care and no words can describe how wonderful his and my care was. It resulted in my training to be a hospice volunteer, a privilege I’ve had for six years."
—Hazel Rectanus

"Mark and I enthusiastically contributed as one more way to support Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice and the growing needs in our community. I serve on the Carroll Hospice Board and see firsthand the love and care that hospice provides in allowing death with dignity for the patient, and peace and comfort for the family. The quality of our hospice program could not be maintained without the generous support of our volunteers and the financial support of our community. Supporting the campaign and gems like Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice is our responsibility and an investment in the health of our community." —Delegate Susan Krebs

"Contributing to Carroll Hospital Center has evolved since the groundbreaking. We were first introduced to the hospital through the commitment of Charles O. Fisher Sr., one of the founding fathers, and employer of Phyllis. Mr. Fisher's trustworthy influence established the framework for our actions. Also, there were personal experiences while we were patients that influenced our commitment—the professional expertise of the doctors and medical staff. As volunteers, we have been met with kind and loving support from the directors of various departments and the many voulnteers who daily contribute their time and talents with an attitude of gratitude. It is with pleasure that Carroll Hospital Center has become one of the benefactors of our planned giving where our gifts will be multiplied through the support and healing of others, providing us with a sense of value."   
—Ernest and Phyllis Rice

If you would like to share your personal story and motivation for giving, please call the Carroll Hospital Center Foundation at 410-871-6200 or email the Foundation at  We would love to hear from you and, by sharing your motivation, you just may encourage others to make a gift. Learn more about the Campaign to Cure & Comfort, Always.