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Upper Extremity Procedures
Hand, Wrist, Arm, and Shoulder Surgery

You don’t have to leave Carroll County to find orthopaedists that are specially trained and board certified in hand, wrist, arm and shoulder surgery. The team of orthopaedic surgeons at Carroll Hospital Center provides the latest procedures, including advanced minimally invasive procedures, to treat a wide range of problems of the upper extremity.

For a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon, call 410-871-7000 or search our online physician directory.

Hand and wrist procedures:

  • Endoscopic and open carpal tunnel repair — surgeons cut the Transverse Carpal Ligament in the wrist to relieve pressure on the median nerve (the nerve going to the thumb and adjacent two fingers) using either a single tiny incision and a tiny camera to view the area, or a traditional-sized incision to view the area directly during surgery. Your doctor can help you select the appropriate procedure for you.
  • Endoscopic cubital tunnel release — this procedure uses a single tiny incision instead of the long incision necessary in an open procedure to fix problems with the ulnar nerve (the nerve that creates the “funny bone” effect as it crosses the elbow and that serves the ring and small fingers). Patients are able to resume normal activities more quickly and with less pain than with traditional surgery.
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction for arthritis of the thumb or small joints of the hand — this new outpatient procedure uses only two small incisions to resurface and reconstruct damaged joints in the thumb or hand, in place of traditional surgeries that leave a long scar and take longer to heal. It also permits younger patients to undergo the procedure.

Elbow procedures:

  • Arthroscopic elbow repair — helps repair the damaged surface, remove scar tissue and/or repair fractures or torn ligaments using several small incisions in place of the traditional large incision.
  • Arthroscopic tennis elbow repair — the arthroscopic approach to fixing tennis elbow not only reduces pain and recovery time, but allows doctors to view and treat any problems inside the elbow joint. It also helps you maintain better grip strength after surgery, as only one tendon is released during the procedure.

Shoulder procedures:

  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair — recent developments permit surgeons to make several small incisions in place of one large one. The surgeon uses tiny instruments, a small camera and a monitor to view the rotator cuff and make repairs. Patients can recover more quickly with less pain.
  • Arthroscopic labrum repair — the labrum is a ring of fibrous tissue that helps stabilize the shoulder by surrounding the end of the shoulder blade. Tears to the labrum are extremely painful. Surgeons make several small incisions and insert bone screws and sutures to repair the labrum without requiring a large incision.
  • Upper extremity fracture repair
  • Tendon injury repair