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Carroll Home Care nurses are now able to monitor chronically ill patients remotely through telemonitoring equipment installed in the patients' home.

Carroll Home Care’s Health Buddy® Telehealth Monitoring System allows patients to record their own health information each day, such as blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation levels, and answer questions relating to their condition. This information is transmitted by phone line to Carroll Home Care’s office and monitored by a registered nurse.

If a patient’s condition requires follow up, the nurse will schedule a home visit. Nurses can dispatch emergency personnel if warranted.

The interactive equipment not only asks questions about the patient’s health, but also provides tips and education on how to manage his or her disease or condition. The telemonitoring equipment is a great benefit to patients with a chronic illness or a new diagnosis that requires frequent monitoring.

The daily monitoring and reporting of vital signs and symptoms helps nurses better manage the patient's condition and reduces the number of emergency room visits, acute care hospitalizations and disease complications. 

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