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Minimally Invasive Surgery Testimonials
APRIL 2012

Last Friday morning I was admitted to Carroll Hospital Center for surgery. My surgeon, Dr. John Steers, spent nearly 4 hours on me and took care of what he had to do. I was then moved to recovery on floor 3 south and spent the next five days there. I don't know what makes a world-class hospital, what "names" have to be associated, or what kind of diagnostic equipment is required, but I'll tell you, from my perspective, this place is at the top of the list.
I received absolutely top-flight care from everyone: the doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, student nurses, plus all of the support people who do things like IVs and the like. The maintenance people are all friendly and professional and the housekeeping staff was also the best. The place was spotless, rooms and hallways.
I received the same level of care at all hours of the day. I did not have to wait for a nurse, ever. If anything, they seemed to know when I wanted something. There are nurses there with over 40 years of experience. When I asked for something, if the person I asked was not yet qualified to do that, I saw the right person immediately. They have something called a Charge Nurse, which means that's the nurse in charge, but you wouldn't know it since they were in the trenches with everyone else. A couple of times I required a doctor instead of a nurse. Both times the doctor was there almost immediately.
If anyone tells you that you should go to one of the big hospitals in the city for better care, don't believe them. I don't ever want to go back, but if something happens that requires it, I'm going straight back to Westminster.

I sent this as a letter to the editor at the Carroll County Times. The editor told me that they don't publish letters about businesses, positive or negative. I guess I was thinking that a hospital is a service, not a business, but in any case, I just wanted you to know how I feel. I'll fill out any survey I receive, but you should know that everything will be positive. I didn't include any nurse's names, since there were so many and I don't want to slight anyone, and I had a primary nurse each shift different from the last but it was seamless. Thank you.


Although my wife and I live in Owings Mills, we have always kept our medical ties in the Carroll County community. It takes a little time to get there, but I’ve always liked Carroll Hospital Center and all of the people there.  
This was reaffirmed after my recent aneurysm surgery with Dr. Kristian Hochberg at Carroll Hospital Center. An ultrasound and CT scan had revealed that I had three aneurysms—two in my legs and one in my aorta. Dr. Hochberg recommended an endovascular graft repair. He explained that it would be a three-hour, minimally invasive procedure in which he would go through my left armpit, down through the aorta and the common iliac arteries to install the grafts. I have always been one to say, “Let’s get it done,” so we moved ahead.
The day of the procedure, everyone on the surgical team came to talk to me. Dr. Hochberg explained to me that he had decided to go another way, through two incisions in the lower abdomen in order to shorten operation. The entire procedure took two and a half hours. I was on the operating table at 11 a.m. on Valentine’s Day and was released to go home just under 24 hours later. I was prescribed medicine for pain, but I didn’t even have to use it.
I have had surgical procedures at other hospitals where I felt like I was in a “rat race.” But I never felt pushed along at Carroll Hospital Center. Throughout the entire process, everyone was polite and worked to keep me informed. Dr. Hochberg always made me feel like my health was his top priority. With all its modern facilities and talented doctors, surgeons and nurses, you can tell Carroll Hospital Center is now among the best in medical care.

JULY 2012
When people do a good job, they should be recognized. That is why I want to commend Carroll Hospital Center on the incredible service and care I received during my laparoscopic colectomy.
It may be strange to hear someone describe surgery as “a piece of cake,” but mine really was. I was impressed by how EASY everything was. It was easy for me to get in, easy to get my procedure done, and easy to get out. It felt like the entire staff was focused on me. They were also fantastic with my wife, keeping her informed the whole time she waited. That means a lot.
My recovery was just as easy. Within a couple of days I only needed Tylenol. I have no scarring either. I recently had a follow-up colonoscopy, and I am happy to say that now I am better than ever.
I have to especially thank my surgeon, Dr. John Steers. From our initial consultation to my follow-up appointments, he always took the time to explain everything to me in laymen’s terms. He never rushed me and he always made me feel at ease with my decision. I can say now that he nailed everything right on the head. It was a textbook case on how things should go.
People don’t usually talk about customer service in hospitals, but I can honestly say I received top-notch customer service at Carroll Hospital Center. I feel very fortunate that I have such high quality health care here in my hometown.

MAY 2012

In May of this year, I underwent a pelvic mass robotic excision on the da Vinci Robot with Dr. Christos Ballas at Carroll Hospital Center. I have been through many surgeries at different hospitals in the last 22 years, and I have to say that this was the best hospital experience of my life.
Dr. Ballas is the ultimate human being. He cares deeply about your everyday lifestyle and he genuinely wants you to be well. Dr. Ballas promised me I that with this da Vinci surgery I would be well enough to make it to my son’s college graduation the following week—and I did!
The entire hospital was just as wonderful. They called me the week before to tell me exactly what to do. When I arrived, the nurses were as sweet as they could be. I wasn’t even nervous because they made me so comfortable and kept me and my family well informed the whole time.
My recovery was amazing. After my surgery, I was able to get dressed, go home and sleep in my own bed that same night. I had five tiny incisions with just a sticker-sized band-aid on top. The only soreness I felt was a little muscle tenderness, as if I had done too many sit-ups. I didn’t even need the pain medication they sent home with me. Today, I feel better now than I have in 22 years. I’m like a new person. I have no pain.
I encourage others needing surgery to choose the da Vinci Robot and choose Carroll Hospital Center. My entire experience at Carroll Hospital Center was 100 percent better than at any other hospital I’ve been to. It was almost like going on vacation instead of going to the hospital. Thank you Carroll Hospital Center!