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Smoke-Free Campus
A Clear Message About Our Commitment to Health.

Carroll Hospital Center prohibits the use of any tobacco product or electronic cigarette on our hospital campus, as well as adjacent and surrounding hospital properties.

Carroll Hospital Center is compelled to action on issues affecting the health of people in our community by both the mission and vision of our Founders and Governing Board. We understand our leadership responsibilities as a central and vital community organization. As a health care institution it is important that we educate and model healthy behaviors for our communities.

With this in mind, implementation of a smoke-free campus environment sends a clear message of the commitment to create and sustain healthy communities which is the hallmark of Carroll Hospital Center. Carroll Hospital Center and our affiliated organizations actively support the state, national and worldwide efforts to control and diminish the use of tobacco. A smoke-free & tobacco-free campus environmental policy encourages employees, visitors and patients to quit tobacco.

In 1998, the Board of Directors of our hospital approved a policy which established our Smoke-Free Campus for a Healthier Environment. Prohibiting the use of any tobacco product on any hospital campus, as well as adjacent and surrounding properties, was a bold position to take in 1998. It was was the right thing to do. Today, the majority of Maryland hospitals, and indeed, hospitals nationwide, have adopted similar positions.

Our commitment to improving the health environment on our campuses and in our community is long term. We believe our policy fulfills our leadership responsibilities; puts patients and families first by providing a healthy, smoke-free tobacco-free atmosphere ; lowers long-term health care costs; lowers clean up costs and improves the health, and productivity of everyone.

At Carroll Hospital Center we are clearing the air! We define a “smoke-free campus environment” as one that is free from the smoking of any tobacco products, as well as those chewed or otherwise consumed, both indoors and outdoors, within all boundaries on hospital owned or leased buildings and owned or leased vehicles, without exception.

Thank you for your cooperation and anticipated support of our smoke- and tobacco-free policy.