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Single-Site Hernia Repair
Carroll Hospital Center is one of the first hospitals in Maryland to offer single-site hernia repair. This minimally invasive surgical technique requires just a small, one-inch incision at the belly button instead of the four-inch incision at the groin required by traditional surgical techniques.

With hernia repair, the incision healing is the most painful and time-consuming part of the process. The single-site approach minimizes both, and because the incision is made inside the fold of the navel, there is no visible scarring.

John A. Steers, M.D., Carroll Hospital Center’s director of minimally invasive general surgery, performs the procedure. "Carroll Hospital Center has a 20-plus-year tradition of doing advanced minimally invasive surgeries," he says. "Our patients know they can count on us for the highest and latest level of care."

To find out more about minimally invasive surgery at Carroll Hospital Center, or single-site hernia repair, please call 410-871-7000.