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Benefits of Participation in a PHO
  • Help for you and your patients—Better care, better outcomes. Carroll PHO will help you better manage your chronically ill patients. By providing you with evidence-based care plans developed by the physicians of the Carroll PHO, and by connecting your patients to clinical, educational and support resources, they’ll be better prepared to comply with your care plan.

  • Better position for rate negotiation. Insurance payors and Medicare will be looking to physicians and hospitals to deliver high-value, collaborative patient care. Physicians in other PHOs have approached payors as a group and received rates that reflect the higher quality and value of care provided. PHOs also have been well-positioned to benefit in Medicare shared savings programs.

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) incentives. Are you preparing to meet Meaningful Use requirements? If not, you could be missing out on financial incentives of up to $44,000. That’s right, as you probably are already aware, CMS/ Medicare is offering significant incentives to those providers who are able to capture and exchange medical information. If you already utilize an EMR in your practice, the Carroll PHO will have the resources and expertise to provide guidance on how to best meet Meaningful Use requirements, qualifying you for those federal incentives faster. In addition, separate from the PHO, Carroll Hospital Center is working to develop a financial assistance program for its medical staff to help those physicians who are not yet on an electronic medical record obtain one.

  • Preparation for whatever the future holds. The keys to success in the future will be collaboration, efficiency, waste reduction and quality. And, while we can never be certain what challenges we’ll face in the future, what we do know is that health care is changing rapidly. We also know that the Maryland Healthcare Commission and CMS will continue to pressure providers across the State and throughout the country to find ways to provide more coordinated care and reduce costs.

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