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Pediatric Surgery
The experienced surgical team at Carroll Hospital Center can provide most general surgical procedures that your child may need. We have pediatric-trained anesthesia providers and we permit parents to accompany their child to the operating room in most cases.

For a referral to a pediatric surgeon, call 410-871-7000 or search our online physician directory.

Our surgical procedures for children include:
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat or ENT) procedures including:

         •  Sinus surgery
    – a procedure that removes diseased sinus tissue and reroutes the affected sinus to improve airflow
            and drainage. Most sinus surgery is performed endoscopically to avoid the need for incisions through the skin.
            Computer mapping may be used to improve visualization, particularly for patients with repeated sinus surgery. 

         •  Tonsillectomy – the removal of infected or enlarged tonsils, which are collections of lymphoid tissue (immune cells)
             in the back of the throat, to treat chronic or recurrent tonsillitis, sore throat, obstruction of the upper airway or
            dental issues.Your doctor may use Coblation, a technique using radiofrequency (RF) to carefully remove affected
            tissue while preserving healthy tissue. 

         •  Adenoidectomy – removal of infected or enlarged adenoids, which are tissues in the back of a child’s nasal cavity.
           The adenoids are similar to tonsil tissue and perform the same function. They may be removed if your child is
            experiencing problems such as recurrent ear infections or obstructed breathing.This procedure may be
            performed with or without a tonsillectomy. 

         •  Myringotomy (ear tubes) – a procedure in which tiny tubes are placed in the ear drum to permit air flow to the
            middle ear.This procedure is used to help children with chronic ear infections and/or fluid in the middle ear.

  • General surgical procedures for hernia repair, cyst removal and more

  • Orthopedic procedures for fractures, sports injuries and more

  • Pediatric urological surgery including: 

         •  Deflux®
    – an exciting new minimally invasive procedure that treats a child with vesicoureteral reflux, a condition
            where urine flows back into the kidneys and causes repeated urinary tract infections (UTIs).An alternative to
            traditional surgery or daily medications, this procedure use small incisions and a tiny camera to help place a
            healing gel where the ureters meet the bladder, preventing the backflow of urine. 

         •  Circumcisions – removal of the penis foreskin.

         •  Hydrocele repairs – the repair of a fluid filled sac that accumulates in the scrotum, usually benign (not cancerous).
             It usually involves an outpatient procedure in which the surgeon makes a tiny incision to drain the fluid. 

         •  Undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) – surgery that manipulates the testicle into place in the scrotum,
             to reduce the increased risk of testicular cancer and infertility that accompanies this condition, which is more
             common in premature infants.

Note: This is only a partial listing of our pediatric surgical procedures.