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The region’s most advanced surgical care from Maryland’s #1 ranked surgical hospital.

If you need surgery, talk to your doctor about the groundbreaking minimally invasive surgical options available to you at Carroll Hospital Center. Using some of the region’s most advanced treatment technologies, we’re able to perform a broad range of surgeries through the smallest incisions possible. That means less pain, less scarring, shorter operating times and a faster recovery for our patients.

Our fellowship-trained physician team represents nearly every surgical specialty, from appendix and gallbladder removal to gynecologic and urologic surgery. And they’re backed by a team of surgical nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists who are expertly trained to take you from pre-op to post-op with maximum comfort and compassion. Learn more about the minimally invasive procedures available.
Introducing the region’s most advanced da VinciTM Surgical System
Carroll Hospital Center is proud to be the first hospital in the region to offer the NEW da Vinci SI Surgical System, the next generation in robotic surgery. Featuring high-definition, 3-D visualization capabilities and ultra-precise micro-instruments, our surgical team is able to perform an incredible range of procedures through incisions as small as a dime. Learn more about the da Vinci robot.  
A pioneering leader in minimally invasive care.
The new da Vinci Surgical System is part of a long tradition of groundbreaking minimally invasive treatment at Carroll Hospital Center. It began when Dr. Paul Vietz performed the nation’s first laparoscopic hysterectomy here in 1991. Since then, Dr. Vietz’s revolutionary approach has been taught in hospitals throughout the world—and Carroll Hospital Center has remained committed to staying at the leading edge of minimally invasive surgical care. It’s a commitment that helped us earn Maryland’s #1 ranking for patient safety in overall surgical care by CareChex®, a rating service of The Delta Group.
Find out if minimally invasive surgery is right for you.
Talk to your doctor today about the breakthrough minimally invasive surgical options available to you at Carroll Hospital Center. For a referral to one of our surgeons, call our physician referral line at 410-871-7000 or search our online physician directory.