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Carroll Hospital Center's licensed, certified massage therapists offer a variety of bodywork techniques, including Swedish, hot stone body and facial, pregnancy, infant, cancer and mastectomy massage that help promote mental and physical relaxation, relieve muscle tension and increase energy, circulation and alertness.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a massage, please call us at 410-871-7000.

Massage Therapy
Enjoy a relaxing, personal massage by an experienced, certified massage practitioner. Massages are available to Carroll Hospital Center patients in their hospital room, with a physician's order. Methods available include:
  • Swedish
  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer and mastectomy

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone body massage is used to deepen the relaxation of muscle tissue and increase circulation in areas of focus. This gentle but effective method uses thermal application and manipulation of stones to reduce stress and promote well being.

Infant Massage
Infants and parents alike can benefit from this participatory therapy. The release of "feel good" hormones during massage offers babies ages three weeks to six months welcome relief from the discomforts of teething, colic, congestion and emotional stress. One or both parents work directly with a certified message therapist to provide the treatment. An introductory one-hour session includes personalized instruction, massage, oil and a resource book.

Japanese Hot Stone Facial Massage
Using polished, smooth, round stones, our therapists provide a soothing, 30-minute treatment that stimulates facial tissues and nerves, while increasing blood circulation in the face. This brings added moisture and nutrients to the tissues and promotes cell regeneration for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Cancer and Mastectomy Massage
Our certified Cancer and Mastectomy Massage Therapists provide a welcome, safe massage experience for those who have had a mastectomy or who have cancer. We also offer a lymphedema management program.