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When you are homebound and need of skilled care, Carroll Home Care can provide the following services with a physician order. Please call 410-871-8000 for more information.

Behavioral health services    Medication management
Catheter maintenance   Occupational therapy
Child life specialist   Pain management
Colostomy education   Palliative Care Bridge Program
Disease management   Physical therapy
Home health aides   Post-surgery care
Injections   Skilled nurses
IV therapy   Speech therapy
Lactation services   Telemonitoring
Medical social workers   Wound care

Behavioral health services
Skilled behavioral health nursing including assessment, medication management and education for patients dealing with mental health concerns

Catheter maintenance
Helping patient to maintain catheter, including insertion of catheters as ordered by physician, monitoring for infection and troubleshooting catheter complications

Child Life Specialist
Provides education and interventions to promote communication and understanding by the child of his or her or a family member’s disease process. Also helps with grief issues

Colostomy education
Assisting new colostomy patients with managing their ostomy, dressing changes and appliance

Disease management
Skilled monitoring and education for those newly diagnosed or having difficulty managing their disease such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, COPD and other serious or chronic illnesses

Home health aides
Provide personal care while utilizing home care skilled services

Education on the proper technique to perform self-injections, including medication education

IV therapy
In collaboration with the infusion pharmacy, home care will provide skilled medication management and will instruct patient and caregivers on proper infusion techniques, side effects and maintenance of infusion site

Lactation services
Skilled education and assistance for mother and child who are experiencing issues with breastfeeding

Medical social workers
Work with the home health team to assist patient and caregivers on long-term planning, community resources and developing of advance directives

Medication management 
Skilled education on medications including purpose, schedule, side effects and when to alert physician. Medication reviews include assessing medications taken prior to hospitalization and after hospitalization, as well as coordination between all physician specialties.

Occupational therapy
Skilled therapy focused on increasing the ability to perform daily living skills, including adapting the living environment, modifying tasks and educating patients on ways to improve their performance in order for them to remain as independent as possible.

Pain management
Skilled nursing assessment and education on pain management in collaboration with physician

Palliative Care Bridge Program
Skilled interventions by an interdisciplinary team of nurses, therapist, social workers and the patient’s physician to manage symptoms that occur from his or her disease.  A certified hospice and palliative care nurse also consults as part of the palliative care bridge program.

Physical therapy
Skilled therapists focus on increasing patients’ mobility and functional ability to perform activities of daily living, as well as promoting the patient’s ability to be remain as independent as possible

Post-surgery care
Skilled nursing and therapy assessment, education and interventions to recover after surgery

Skilled nurses
Skilled nurses provide assessments, interventions and education to promote ongoing recovery or the management of a disease process in collaboration with the patient’s physician.  Skilled interventions range from medication reconciliation, wound care, infusion services and venipuncture to telemonitoring services

Speech therapy
Skilled therapists provide interventions to improve communication and swallowing disorders

Through utilization of monitoring equipment placed in your home, the home health team monitors your health status on a daily basis, alerting you and your physician of changes in your condition quickly in order to prevent complications and hospitalizations

Wound care
Skilled assessment, intervention and education on wound care as a result of surgery, trauma or pressure.  In collaboration with the patient’s physician or wound care center, the nursing team will instruct patients on how to perform wound care prescribed by the physician and will work with the wound care team to promote wound healing