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Caring for Our Environment
With concerns about global warming and environmental issues on the rise, the staff at Carroll Hospital Center is doing its part to promote a greener environment for patients, families, physicians, associates and visitors.

For four consecutive years we've been honored for our efforts by earning the EcoLeadership Award from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence. We've also received an Honorable Mention for the Environmental Awareness Award from the Board of Carroll County Commissioners.

Here are a few of the initiatives we’ve put into place:
  • Environmental Council and Green Team for associates to develop and implement activities and programs to make our hospital more environmentally friendly
  • Recycling toners, cans, bottles, glass, packaging, non-confidential papers and certain brands of pens and markers
  • Shredding and recycling confidential paper
  • Purchasing antibiotic-free meats with no artificial hormones and fresh produce locally
  • Reducing electricity and water consumption through various products that consume less power or devices that preserve water supplies
  • Working with vendors to consolidate packaging
  • Educating staff to dispose of hazardous waste appropriately
  • Partnering with companies to disassemble and recycle components of electronic equipment and used hospital equipment
  • Donating expired medical supplies to medical missions
  • Educating staff to reduce the use of copy paper and reducing handouts and paper waste in meetings
  • Holding annual events to promote waste reduction and environment-friendly practices such as Earth Day, Used Scrub Sales and auctions of items no longer needed in the facility
  • Offering recognition to associates who promote and excel in green initiatives
  • Reprocessing medical devices
  • Selling refillable cold cups and coffee mugs
  • Encouraging associates to turn off lights in offices and rooms that are not in use
  • Member of Practice Greenhealth, an organization that promotes sustainable, eco-friendly practices in the health care industry. (Received two Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards — the 2013 Partner for Change Award and the 2013 Making Medicine Mercury-Free Award.)
  • Member of Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (MD H2E), a networking initiative that promotes environmental sustainability in health care. (Received the MD H2E Trailblazer award in 2011 for Leadership in Sustainability Practices.)
  • Member of the Healthier Hospital Initiative (HHI), a national campaign to implement a new approach to improving environmental health and sustainability in the health care sector
  • Farmers Market held on hospital campus to promote the purchase of locally grown food and supporting area farmers.