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Rooming In With Your Baby
We encourage healthy mothers and babies to enjoy rooming in. Rooming-in with your baby helps you learn your baby’s cues: how he or she responds when hungry, tired, or wants to be held. You have the choice to room in fully or return the baby to the nursery whenever you desire or become tired. Rooming in helps you and your baby become better acquainted.

Rooming in is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers as they are able to learn more about their baby’s feeding signals and are able to respond promptly. The time together allows you to practice breastfeeding and find a pattern that works for both you and your baby.

Research indicates rooming in has the following benefits:
  • Facilitates skin to skin holding that supports a baby’s transition after birth.
  • Promotes early attachment which has a positive effect on a baby’s brain development.
  • Allows for more frequent breastfeeding which increases milk supply and reduces engorgement.
  • The mother’s room is less distracting than the noise and lights in the nursery and helps stabilize baby’s body rhythms (heart rate, body temp and sleep cycle).