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Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders are individuals who have included Carroll Hospital Center and/or Carroll Hospice in their estate plans. This includes those who have made provisions in their wills, those who have established charitable gift annuities or trusts, and/or those who have designated either organization as a beneficiary of their estate, a retirement plan, insurance policy, CD or bank account.

These individuals have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice by making the gift of a lifetime.

If you have decided or are considering the possibility of including either organization in your estate plans, please let us know. It would be our great pleasure to work with you to design a gift plan that best meets your philanthropic dreams. We can discuss ways to support programs and services that are most important to you and can help you design a naming opportunity to perpetuate a family legacy. Additionally, we would welcome the opportunity to thank you today for the gift we’ll receive in the future. Click here to learn more about the benefits of being a Bridge Builder.

If you would like additional information about becoming a Bridge Builder, please call Jenny Gambino, director of philanthropic planning, at 410-871-6200.

Building a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations...

"We feel truly fortunate living in this beautiful, still-rural community that is served by this state-of-the-art medial facility. We strongly believe we should share our financial blessings with those institutions that contribute so much to the quality and desirability of our beloved community – and Carroll Hospital Center is at the top of our list." —Wayne and Bonnie Lockard

"We are impressed at how the hospital is expanding to provide highly specialized care in so many critical area and we want to support that effort. As Bridge Builders, we can leave a legacy to help Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice continue to expand and grow to serve our community into the future." —Brad and Jean Lawrence

"It's been a real joy to work with fellow volunteers and to contribute to the hospital, so of course we wanted to include the hospital in our will." —Ernie and Phyllis Rice