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Jul 10 2014
Apps for Healthy Living

With the proliferation of mobile devices today, specialized programs called applications, or apps, have become commonplace in our daily lives. Local health care professionals reveal the health and wellness apps they frequently use or recommend to their patients. Some apps are free to download, while others may require purchase.

WebMD, available for iPhone and Android
WebMD provides a wealth of health and wellness information. Users can look up their symptoms by clicking on the part of the body that is troubling them, and then learn about the potential conditions or issues they may have. This app also offers information on medical conditions, first-aid tips, a pill identification tool and so much more. “I use it as a tool to search medical conditions as well as search its database to gain information on medications, vitamins and supplements,” says Dr. Patel. “It’s a comprehensive app that offers physician-reviewed health information.”

GoMeals®, available for iPhone and Android
The GoMeals® App is an invaluable app for tracking your carbohydrate and calorie intake, says Dr. Zarbalian, especially for those living with diabetes. GoMeals allows users to monitor their caloric intake, calculate how many calories they’ve burned through physical activity and track their glucose levels. Another handy feature is GoMeals’ extensive database, which includes the calorie and carbohydrate rate of more 20,000 restaurant items—ideal for anyone wanting to eat healthy on the go. “This feature helps with weight loss for nondiabetics as well as those trying to adjust insulin doses based on what they have eaten,” Dr. Zarbalian says.

Waterlogged, available for iPhone and Android
Waterlogged encourages people to drink more water by tracking how much water they’ve consumed. Users can monitor their water intake daily and see how it compares to their goal. The app includes two default serving glass sizes (8 oz. and 16.9 oz.), but users can also
snap a picture of their own water bottle and add it as a serving size. “I recommend this app to encourage patients to stay hydrated, particularly in the summer months. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a scorcher,” says Dr. Holmes.

While apps are helpful in providing general health information, they should not replace regular visits to your physician. If you have a health concern, please contact your health care provider.

This information is also featured in the summer issue of A Healthy Dose, our community magazine. Click here to view the entire issue online.


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