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May 1 2014
Careers in Health Care: Social Worker

Careers in Health Care is a monthly question-and-answer feature that profiles Carroll Hospital Center Associates and highlights hospital career opportunities.

Erica Czufin and Kaitlin Raines are part-time medical social workers in the hospital’s Case Management department. Erica and Kaitlin have worked at the hospital for nearly 6 years.

To be considered for a social worker position, a Masters of Social Work degree, 2 to 4 years of recent social work experience (preferably medical social work experience), LCSW or LCSW-C Maryland licensure, and CPR certification is required. 

Q: What are your job responsibilities?

Erica: I am mainly an advocate for my patients’ needs. Each day, patients come in and out of the hospital, most of the time in crisis, with immediate needs due to a change in their lifestyle relating to a medical issue. We are there to help bridge the gap from identifying their needs to connecting them with a solution. We are also the lead role in helping to coordinate with community agencies to address abuse, neglect, substance abuse, mental health and in connecting patients with financial assistance programs.

Kaitlin: My main role is to help connect patients to resources in the community. I currently cover The Family Birthplace, Special Care Nursery and Pediatric units and then I float to help other units in the hospital when I have time. I work with the nurses and OB health navigator to identify patients that would benefit from a social work consult. Then I meet with patients to identify what resources would benefit them and their baby the most and connect them with those resources.

In addition, I help coordinate adoptions when they take place in The Family Birthplace. I work with the home-based services coordinator to help arrange home health care visits for moms and babies. I also help arrange for any durable medical equipment that is needed for babies and patients in the nursery or pediatric unit. I act as the liaison between Child Protective Services (CPS) when they need to meet with patients and also make reports to CPS when abuse/neglect is identified.

Q: What do you like the most about your position?

Erica: There is never a dull moment in hospital social work. I enjoy the opportunity to help a variety of different types of people and needs. Each day is usually a challenge as we see new issues arise in our growing population of Carroll County, and that makes my job as a social worker very interesting and ever evolving. Being on the frontlines, helping people in need by showing compassion and practical resource connection is rewarding.

Kaitlin: I love being a voice for the patient within our hospital and helping patients who may be struggling to find the right resources in the community to help them improve the quality of their life and the life of their child. My favorite part of my position is spending time with patients and hearing their stories. It is a privilege to be allowed into someone's life during their hospital stay and help in any way I can.

Q: What do you like the most about working for the hospital?

Erica: The hospital has a family friendly feel, and I'm proud to be an employee.

Kaitlin: What I love the most is the family atmosphere we have. I never feel alone and truly feel we have a great team approach to our work. When I started my own family, my department was willing to let me transition to a part-time position so I could have a better work/family life balance.

Interested in working for Carroll Hospital Center? Visit our careers page or our Twitter feed.

Left to right: Social workers Erica Czufin and Kaitlin Raines.


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