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Jun 27 2013
Joint Commission Visit a Success

Last week, our hospital had a visit from The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the independent, not-for-profit group that evaluates the safety and quality of health care organizations, and accreditation from the group is required for Medicare reimbursement from the federal government.

During their weeklong visit, Joint Commission surveyors conducted an extensive on-site survey of our practices and interviewed Associates throughout the organization, including direct patient caregivers and support staff.

The surveyors were very impressed with our hospital and our staff’s performance, repeatedly complimenting us on our practices. Our staff’s professionalism, skill and teamwork were evident in our responses to their questions and demonstrated our commitment to assuring our patients’ safety through all of our quality and improvement processes.

I’m happy to report that the hospital was not cited for any major issues. The minor requests for improvement we did receive are easy to fix, such as changing the way we test certain pieces of equipment, and we have formed a group to review and correct those infractions immediately.

As with other hospitals, The Joint Commission visits our facility every three years. We do not know when the surveyors are coming until they arrive, and I think the fact that we did so well speaks volumes to the quality care we provide daily.

Learn more about The Joint Commission and our quality achievements.


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