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Oct 24 2013
Vision 2020: The Future of Health Care in Carroll County

As we all know, health care is constantly evolving.

In order to meet our community’s health care needs, Carroll Hospital Center has developed Vision 2020, a comprehensive plan that outlines how we will continue to provide top-notch care to those we serve.

For more than a year, we collaborated with members of our board of directorsexecutive team and physicians to create a vision of how Carroll Hospital Center delivers care in the next five to seven years.

It’s crucial for our hospital to not only be a great place for people when they are sick, but also to keep healthy people well and help those with chronic diseases manage them effectively. To do so, we are examining new and innovative ways to deliver high quality, low cost care in the most appropriate settings.

Working with The Partnership for a Healthier Carroll County, we have determined the top five health issues affecting Carroll County residents: obesity, substance abuse, heart disease, cancer and mental health issues.

Our Vision 2020 plan develops ways for us to tackle each of those issues and more.

I am excited to share this vision with the community. Through blog posts in the coming months, I will provide more details about Vision 2020 and how Carroll Hospital Center will continue to provide superior medical treatment and compassionate care to our communities.

That is our commitment to you.



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