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Aug 13 2013
Multicultural Inclusion Committee Promotes Awareness

Two years ago, the hospital created a Multicultural Inclusion Committee. Consisting of Associates from various departments throughout the hospital, the committee’s mission is to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of equality and diversity in our interactions with all who enter through our doors.

To fulfill this mission, the Multicultural Inclusion Committee develops programs and activities that expose and strengthen sensitivity in our hospital to diverse races, cultures and ethnicities, lifestyles, abilities, backgrounds, gender, ages, and political, religious and intellectual points of view.

In the past year, the committee has organized speakers from the community who presented information about their experiences in health care for our Associates, including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, blind individuals and transgendered individuals, just to name a few. We also hosted a panel discussion regarding religious and cultural impacts on patient care that addressed patient care and death and dying from their religious and cultural perspective. All of our presentations have featured a question-and-answer session in which Associates can freely ask questions of our speakers.

Our “Dining in the Dark” event was one of the most successful events the committee has hosted. Associates were blindfolded and given a cupcake to eat for the chance to experience an unsighted meal in order to raise awareness and sensitivity to people who are blind. The feedback we received surprised us – many people said that although they were in a room full of people, they felt very alone during the experience.

The work of the Multicultural Inclusion Committee is just another way our hospital creates a welcoming climate that supports the rights of individuals and reflects the respect for diverse cultures, backgrounds and needs.



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